Hi, I'm citizen kevin.
I believe your joy is our biggest opportunity. And I believe you have a unique contribution to make to your city....

So I'm here to support you with 4 specific achievements along the way:

1. "Clarity of Purpose." Turn your work into an expression and attract the people who want to contribute to your cause.
2. "Social Resilience." The social support you need to make sure success, fun, and fulfillment are always within reach no matter what happens.
3. "Economic Autonomy." Control of your economic future enables you to contribute on your terms.
4. "Political Will." We've been thrown into a political game, so let's understand how the machine works and play it well.

A little about me:

I've lived in 20+ cities around the worldMIT awarded me an engineering degreeI spent 44,000 hours working on "the most important problem"and because of that I'm now on a mission to turn Miami into the city I think it can be.....

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